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The Low Country's "Little Italy" since 1989!

  • "This little Italian restaurant is a 'go to' if you're visiting Hilton Head. I can't imagine visiting the island without a night at Stellini's--the food is that good." 

    Dionne B

  • "The food is consistently excellent, and the menu gives plenty of choices. Service has always been professional and friendly...I have always loved the atmosphere of the restaurant, whether eating in the main dining room on in the "porch" section where you can look out into the greenery outside. It is a great place for adults, while also being child friendly (when grandkids were younger). Prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality food one gets."


  • "If you are looking for authentic, look no further than Stellini's."

    Julie E

  • "Perfect blend of spices, creams & ingredients which merry & enhance each other for utmost perfection. Add this with the family & cozy atmosphere and you have a very pleasant experience. Dining at Stellini's will forever be our tradition when we visit the Island."

    Michele R

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